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exhibitions 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
shops 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
cafe 11:00 am to 9:30 pm

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g1- the collection (modern & contemporary)

we all know who the modern masters are in the indian art scene.

how delightful would it be to see some of the selected works of these artists under one roof ?

this exhibit showcases some of the premier artists like ravindranath tagore ,f n souza , s h raza , jamini roy, tyeb mehta, m v dhurandhar, raja ravi verma and many others ,as this absolute visual treat.

all works are from the collection of shri. ajit gadgil.

g2- light of life

origin of light is fire and man learned to use fire for cooking as well as illumination with the progress of human civilization.

from a simple fire lit in a jungle to modern day electric lamps, exhibit tells us a story of evolution of light as used by man.

it is interesting to see how the design, fuels, sizes and purpose of lighting instruments changed over the years..

g3- print - imprint

a written word or a visual depicted, has always had a very important place in history of our civilization. all important things were either written or drawn, so they could be shared with others.

when writing by hand transformed into printing with aid of technology, world of reading and writing & information sharing changed forever.

see the numerous ways, printing has appeared in our lives through various mediums & products. also experience the magic of raja ravi verma through some selected lithographs of his.

g4- prabhakar barve (1936 – 1995) –a retrospective

prabhakar barve was one of the pioneers of modern indian painting.

influenced by esoteric tradition of tantric painting , he was a part of modernist movement “ neo-tantra”.

his works range from surreal to abstracts, and have been shown & collected all over the world.

this is a show happening after a long long time.

a must see !! especially for students of art.

g5- fabrics of india

we all know the world has been fascinated by indian fabrics and the craftsmanship of our indian artisans for centuries, even the roman empire imported cotton and silk fabrics from india .

what we have here on the exhibit are few curated pieces of that history.

appreciate the fine fabrics , age old weaving techniques and design sensibilities which are seeped deeply into the indian culture.

from 200 years old original patan patolas to paithanis ,this is a real treat for the viewers & enthusiasts.

g6- jewellery of maharashtra

jewellery of maharashtra is very distinct from any other jewellery in the country. it has definitive form and structure created by using many techniques and skills like chatai ( mesh) , beads , handwork, and embossing.

artisans of maharashtra used gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones in abundance, and some of the designs have carried on till today for hundreds of years in its original design.

designs are inspired by gods and goddesses , flora & fauna of the terrain( grains, leaves, fruits, birds & so on) , and by folk art/ tribal motifs. one finds ample references of jewellery of maharashtra in its temples , paintings and in script too.

maharashtra remains as a major centre of jewellery making and processing in the country.

g8- jayant b joshi

coming from a family of eminent musicians , he was introduced to art since a very early age .and he found his passion in painting and photography.

his work is shown ,not only in india , but also all over the world.

“my art is a representation of myself & and my inspiration is music & poetry. “

a unique show curated by the artist himself, and after a long time.